About TECH™ Tire Repairs Distributors

TECH™ has established a North American sales network of distributors who reach every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada. Our distributors are on the road providing needed tire repair products to fleets, retreaders, retail and commercial tire dealers, municipalities and more.

Beyond providing unequaled customer support and service, each TECH™ distributor is a trained tire repair expert, able to provide our North American customers with proper levels of complete tire repair training including tire repair accreditation. This training can include curriculum such as tire nomenclature, repairing to industry standards, hands-on training and even written testing.

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International Distribution

TECH™ currently operates fully-equipped international distribution warehousing in Turnhout, Belgium; Tokyo, Japan; Shanghai, China; Beijing, China; Wuhan, Hubei Province, China; Bogota, Colombia; and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

With this international network of distribution centers, complemented by our distributors and their stocking warehouses, TECH™ is able to provide on-time deliveries of our high-performance tire repairs and products to the industry.