The Only Bicycle Tire Repair Kit You Need | Quickly Repair Tubes, Tires, Tubeless Bike Tires

Patches Bond to the Tube and/or Tire for a Safe & Permanent Flat Tire Fix!

  • Fix any size and style bike tire – no need to carry multiple size tubes when riding in groups or with your family.
  • Patch the tube and tire – seal out moisture that could damage the wheel & tire. 
  • Compact case fits in virtually any bike accessory bag.
  • Easy to install and fast drying (see video).

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A Complete Bicycle Repair Kit That Fits in Your Accessory Bag

bicycle tire repair kit

What’s included in Your Bike Tire Repair Kit?

12 repair patches, a 10mL tube of TECH Vulcanizing Fluid, Thumb Scuff Pad, Road-Side Emergency repair instructions and rugged carrying case.

BRK | Bicycle Tire Repair Kit 

Compact Design Fits in Your Bicycle Accessory Bag

compact bicycle tire and tube repair kit
bike tire repair kit fits in any accessory bag
bicycle tire repair patches

Easy to Install & Quick Drying – Fix Your Flat Tire Fast!

Locate the puncture and scuff the surrounding area using the thumb buffer supplied.

Apply Vulcanizing Fluid to the bike tire

Apply a thin layer of
TECH Vulcanizing Fluid (allow to dry 3-5 minutes).

removing the poly from a tire repair patch

Remove the blue poly and apply the patch over puncture.

A tire patch needs to dry about 10 minutes

Press the patch firmly in
place and allow to dry for approximately 10 minutes.