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Why Choose TECH Premium Flared Contour Wheels?

  • Improved buffed texture – increases repair quality and safety
  • Cooler buffing – without scorching
  • Decreased buffing time – reduced labor cost
  • Smooth operation – improved operator comfort
  • Longer wheel life – lower cost per repair & higher profits

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Choose From Wheels Specially Designed for Every Type of Tire!

High Performance/Low Profile Tire Buffing Wheel

  • Buffs inner liner of low-aspect tires without damaging the bead area
  • Machined-steel construction for smooth operation
  • Internal thread; no exposed threads at top
  • Superb control and comfortable to use

RH140 | 1-1/4″ Diameter | 3/8″-24 Bore | Fine (170 Coating) 

Passenger/Light Truck Tire Buffing Wheel

  • Proven 2″ diameter packs high performance in compact design
  • Easy to control – buffs quickly and smoothly
  • Much safer than buffing stones

RH102 | 2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Fine (170 Coating) 

RH104 | 2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Medium (230 Coating)

All-Purpose Tire Buffing Wheel

  • Our most popular wheels
  • Cover more tire sizes than any other wheels
  • Wide range of applications: Passenger/LT, Medium & Commercial Truck and Retreading

RH107 | 2-1/2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Fine (170 Coating) 

RH109 | 2-1/2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Medium (230 Coating)

RH111 | 2-1/2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Coarse (390 Coating)

2″ Economy Wheel

  • Proven flared contour shape
  • Reduced aggressiveness is ideal for thin liners
  • More forgiving for less-experienced technicians
  • Much safer than black stones!

S2027 | 2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Standard 60-Grit Coating

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 Polyplug Inserts for Flared Contour Wheels

  • Easily fits inside your flared contour buffing wheel
  • Improves performance
  • Reduces vibration for smoother, quieter and more comfortable operation
  • Improves wheel operating life 
  • Long-lasting and reusable

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RH151 | 2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Fits 2″ Flared Contour Wheels 

RH152 | 2-1/2″ Diameter | 3/8″ Bore | Fits 2-1/2″ Flared Contour Wheels

Know When to Replace Worn Out Buffing Wheels?

Izzy explains how to tell when it is time to replace a buffing wheel. A worn wheel can cause scorching and other issues. Check out this video for tips on how to help your customer identify a worn wheel.  

Need a Refresher on Buffing Basics?

This Intro to Tire Buffing Video is the first edition of our entire course on proper tire buffing tools and techniques. Check out this sneak peak, and be sure to sign up for TECH University Online for our complete Tire Buffing Course as well as other tire repair courses and product tips.  

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