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You and your family’s safety is our top priority. While we believe that we make the safest tire repair products on the market, there are still limitations to the types of damage and injuries that can safely be repaired using our tire repair materials. The following guide will help you determine if your tire can be repaired or if it needs replaced.

We strictly follow the guidelines outlined by the Tire Industry Association (TIA), the governing body of all things tire related. The first being that puncture repairs are limited to the crown portion of the tire.

Next, the maximum size of a puncture for a fabric-ply passenger or light truck tire is 1/4” (6mm). For steel belted LT, medium and heavy-duty truck tires the maximum injury size is 3/8” (10mm).

To perform a proper, permanent puncture repair, these steps must be followed:

  1. The tire must be removed from the rim for full inspection.
  2. The damage must be drilled out using a carbide cutter.
  3. The inner liner of the tire must be buffed to a #1 or #2 buffing texture.
  4. The injury must be filled with a vulcanized rubber stem.
  5. The injury must be reinforced and sealed from inside the tire using a repair unit.

Note: A plug or patch should never be used alone. The image above illustrates exactly why that is the case. The repair on the left was done properly using a stem and repair. The one on the right did not properly remove the damage or install a stem. This resulted in the damage spreading which led to repair unit failure. 

Next, let’s look at some other types of injuries that cannot be safely repaired.

measuring a tire puncturePunctures larger than 1/4” passenger, 3/8” steel belted truck tires.

zipper rupture in tire sidewallSidewall damage including zipper ruptures

damage from under inflatedDamage from being run flat or underinflated.

Inner liner separation

tire casing separationCasing separation

Excessive tread wear

exposed tire ply or cordingExposed plies or cables

deformed tire beadDeformed bead, exposed fabric or steel

If an injury angle exceeds 25 degrees, a 2-piece repair must be used.

Ozone cracking

Damage from impact

It’s clear some tire damage is just too severe to be able to safely be repaired. When in doubt take your vehicle to a reputable tire care professional.

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