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April 22nd marks Earth Day, an environmental initiative dedicated to driving transformative change for people and the planet. First launched in 1970, the Earth Day Network aims to diversify, educate, and tackle worldwide issues, while promoting sustainability and positive action.*

The responsibility of looking after our planet lies on all of us throughout the world, as individuals as well as organizations, who can help make a difference. Over our 80-year history, TECH along with our parent company, TRC, have maintained a long-standing commitment to delivering sustainable and environmentally friendly focused products.

As a global company, we are driven by our dedication to supporting the entire lifecycle of rubber through our 4r vision of Repair, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. Our multitude of product brands complement each other and work together to extract value from materials formerly considered to be at the end of their useful life, making a meaningful impact both financially and ecologically.

TECH products are known worldwide for their quality and innovation for use in tire repair and retreading everything from passenger cars to earthmovers in order to extend their lifecycle and productivity. With a network of dedicated distributors, TECH tire repairs are guaranteed to last the life of the tire and as a result, introduce significant savings and environmental benefits by reducing the need for replacement tires.

TECH’s dedication to protecting our environment does not stop at the usage and purpose of our products but extends to our initial manufacturing and design process. TECH packaging is made from recycled materials, which are easily reused and again recycled. Our most recent packaging review also enabled us to redesign our primary shipping case (corrugated paper) in order to reduce this in size.

In addition to TECH, our sister brands within TRC such as Salvadori and PANG Industrial also work with the environment in mind. PANG Industrial extends the life of industrial equipment with products for conveyor belt repair, wear resistance and corrosion protection. Salvadori designs, engineers, manufactures and has installed equipment in over 40 facilities worldwide. These facilities downsize used tires, which are then converted into a wide variety of earth-friendly, useful products such as rubber mulch, parking curbs, playground equipment and rubber sheets.

To find out more about TECH and the family of brands within TRC, please contact [email protected].

Join us in supporting Earth Day 2020! Please click here to visit the official “Earth Day” website or follow the campaign on social media with the hashtag #EarthDay2020.

*Source: earthday.org