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One of the hottest trends in the tire business is mobile tire and wheel repair. These tire-shops-on-wheels provide a convenient alternative to traditional brick and mortar tire shops. While they can’t offer everything a traditional shop can offer, you may be surprised at all of the services they can bring to your driveway.

Flat Tire Repair:

Many mobile tire service providers offer flat tire repair and even on-site tire replacement. Just be sure that you do a little research and make sure that the shop you choose is trained in identifying the types of injuries that can and cannot be repaired and is certified in proper tire repair techniques by TECH University or an accredited organization, such as TIA.


installing wheel weightsNotice a shimmy or a shake? Many mobile tire shops offer on-site tire balancing.

Air Pressure Check & TPMS Diagnostics:

Did you pressure sensor light up up on the way to work? You may be able to find a mobile tire service that can diagnose, replace and reset you TPMS sensors while you’re at the office.

Wheel Torque Check:

Lose a lug, or think your wheels may be loose? Have a mobile tire tech perform a wheel torque check.

Own a mobile tire repair service?

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