Today’s National Tire Safety Week article focuses on helping people understand what “proper tire repair” really means. The only way to properly repair a tire is to remove it from the wheel, as this process allows for a thorough inspection of the tire including analyzing any signs of inner liner damage.

Once the tire is off the wheel, not only can a thorough inspection of the injury including location and angle be performed, the process of proper tire repair requires cleaning and preparing the inner liner to accept a patch with a cured rubber stem through the tread. “Plugging” a tire is not proper tire repair and can have serious consequences.

TECH, the global tire and wheel authority, pioneered the proper tire repair process. We have manufactured and sold the highest quality tire repair and wheel service products for over 80 years. TECH’s tire repair products have repaired over a billion tires!

National Tire Safety Week (May 20 – 27), sponsored by the U.S. Tire Manufacturer’s Association, is an annual industry-led initiative that educates motorists about tire care, safety and maintenance, including the potential dangers of unsafe used tires.