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TECH’s line of jacks is the ideal solution to your lifting needs. However, like with any floor jack, proper use is vital to the longevity and safety of using them.

When using TECH Jacks, always be sure to use a set of jack stands. Next you need to lift the vehicle using the jack and then support the weight of the vehicle with the jack stands.

Warning: Jacks are not designed to support the vehicle. This could cause failure of the jack and damage the vehicle or it could injure or kill the technician working on the vehicle.

Other safety tips include:

  • Be sure to always use the proper size jack for the load being lifted.
  • Always lift at the appropriate lift points on the vehicle to avoid vehicle damage.
  • Always make sure to lift the vehicle on a level, solid surface, to prevent the vehicle falling off the jack or jack stands.

To learn more about proper TECH Tire Jacks contact your local TECH distributor or click here to buy one today!