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TECH Premium Tire Sealant is an excellent emergency solution for punctures in light duty, off-highway tires, such as lawn mowers, golf carts, ATVs and more. This Sealant is biodegradable and water soluble and can help you reduce maintenance expenses caused by equipment downtime due to flats or hard-to-find leaks.

TECH Premium Tire Sealant effectively seals injuries caused by puncturing objects up to 3/16″, 5mm in all off-road applications. It works in tube-type and tubeless tires and remains effective for the life of the tire. It will seal your puncture and bead leaks and helps to reduce natural air loss in tires in punctures up to ¼” in 2-ply tires and up to ½” in 10-ply tires.

See it in action here.

We strongly recommend against using this product in highway tires.

To learn about all the products TECH offers to keep your tires performing off-roading, reach out to your local distributor or visit products.techtirerepairs.com.