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Most tires on the road today are reinforced using steel belts or heavy-duty fabric cords. These layers add strength and stability to the tire.

However, when a tire gets punctured, these cords and belts can get damaged. When using an emergency tire repair, like TECH’s Permacure Kit, the reamer included with the kit will get you back up and running. However, the best option for cutting away damage is TECH’s line of Carbide Cutters.

Carbide Cutters are made from an ultra-strong mixture of carbon and steel. This allows for faster cutting and longer tool life. It’s also important to note that a cutter works differently than a drill bit. A drill bit would snag and tear the cords and belts, further damaging the tire. Carbide cutters, on the other hand, feature diamond-cut teeth that only cut in one direction. This allows the cutter to safely cut away the damage areas without snagging the belt material.

Removing the damage is particularly import in steel belted tires. If steel cords are left exposed, they may wick up moisture and begin to rust. This rust can quickly spread and lead to a more costly section repair, or even ruin the tire.

For best results, we recommend using a low-speed drill at a maximum of 1,200 RPMs. Drill the injury a minimum of 3-5 times from both the inside and outside of the tire. With the damage safely removed, you’re now ready to install your one-piece TECH Uni-Seal Ultra Repair or any of our two-piece stem repairs. See a quick video demonstration below.

TECH Carbide Cutters are available in a variety of sizes to match the size of your puncture. For more information, contact your local TECH distributor, or shop now using the button below.