Over the last 40 years TECH has trained thousands of tire technicians and visited an equally large number of repair shops. We are never ceased to be amazed to see the vast array of power tools used to buff and prepare a tire during the repair process.

TECH recommends a “built for purpose” tire buffer. Why? Because buffer speed is critical and tools like an angle grinder do significant damage to a tire. You see, rubber can “scorch” and the chemical composition of the scorched area is altered, which reduces its ability to properly adhere to the repair.

TECH recommends a low speed buffer with the maximum speed of 5,000 RPMs. Tools with speeds above 5,000 RPMs will scorch the rubber and create this negative chemical reaction.

If scorching occurs, a wire wheel will be needed to remove the burnt rubber, which creates extra steps and more time being spent on the repair than is necessary.

According to Senior TECH Trainer Billy Johnson, “Buffing is a science and an art, perhaps also the most important step in the tire repair process. I have seen scorching in my field observation that you know the repair will not adhere to the tire, and after the tire is re-mounted on the wheel, you have no way of knowing if the repair is properly installed.”

TECH offers a complete line of power tools designed specifically for buffing the inner liner of a tire. TECH also offers accessories including chucks, adaptors and arbors. There are other low speed power tools like drills to prepare tire injuries. On the other end of the spectrum are high-speed buffers to prepare steel cables in section repairs and air hammers to firmly adhere large OTR (Off the Road) repairs.

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