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Team TECH was highly visible at the 2020 Goodyear customer conference held in Aurora, Colorado. This year’s theme was “Build to Lead.” According to TECH’s Direct Account Manager, Brent Klomparens, “Goodyear put an emphasis on the future of mobility at this year’s conference. They’re working to incorporate sensors in routine tire assessments that can analyze tire performance and prevent failure. As the supplier of Goodyear Licensed Tire Repair Materials for over 30 years, TECH is excited to continue our deep partnership with a company who’s leading the way in an industry that is expected to see the most change since the birth of the automobile over 100 years ago.”

Goodyear CEO Rich Kramer suggested that the company was really focused on the future. When asked about this year’s Consumer Electronics show, “You might ask yourself, ‘Why did Sony actually come to CES with a car?’ The answer was really to highlight over 30 sensors they have that are inside and outside the vehicle,” Kramer explained. “As they said to create an immersive environment of information and technology for passengers. You see Sony’s contention is the body of a car is more akin to the body of your smartphone. They don’t look at the car as a hot rod like many of us used to, or maybe still do. They look at the body of a car as a container for connection, for intelligence and for a digital experience. That’s a different way to look at a car.”

These trends highlight the new future of mobility. TECH is focused on this changing landscape with EVs and autonomous driving vehicles both will increase the need for TECH’s high-quality tire & wheel solutions to keep these vehicles rolling.

Team TECH, displayed their Goodyear licensed Tire & Wheel service products to increase the awareness with the Independent Goodyear network. TECH has been the trusted supplier of Goodyear licensed tire repair products for over 30 years!