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TECH has just launched our new online training, with our comprehensive library of tire and wheel repair training videos.

One annual subscription allows you to train all your service technicians for an entire year. TECH University Online is accessible from a smart phone, tablet or computer, allowing your technicians to learn at their own pace and on their own time.

Training your technicians on proper tire repair provides the following benefits:

  • Learn proper tire repair procedures
  • Quick, engaging training modules from Izzy to facilitate easy learning
  • Technicians can refer to the course if needed to help them complete the repair while on the job
  • You can train all your technicians with one annual subscription
  • Helps eliminate improperly installed repairs
  • Technicians gain confidence and appreciate you investing in them
  • Protects you and your business from unfounded customer complaints

TECH University training may be the best investment you can make in your people and business. To set up your $50 annual subscription, just go to techtirerepairs.tortal.net.

If you have questions, contact your TECH Distributor or contact the TECH training team at [email protected].