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Team Tech was hot on the links and won the golf tournament with a score of 56 at TIA’s annual Off-the-Road (OTR) conference in Palm Springs last week! Team TECH was led by Brent Klomparens and Tim BeVier both from TECH. They were joined by Brian Hayes of Purcell Tire and Eddie Burleson of Central Marketing. While at the Conference, TECH also introduced our new Universal Cement and User-Friendly Rope Rubber. In addition to featuring the Universal Cement and Rope Rubber, we also once again highlighted our OTR Repair Certification Program. This program is designed for OTR tire repair technicians and facilities and offers many benefits including:

  • Tire repair quality control improvements
  • Repair technician training
  • Preferred national account pricing
  • Certificate recognition
  • Performance rewards incentives

“TECH’s mission is to continue our innovation by developing and enhancing products that make tire repair technicians’ job easier,” said Brian Laughlin, TECH OTR Program manager. “Additionally, the OTR Repair Certification Program helps to ensure OTR repair facilities are positioned to consistently produce the highest-quality OTR repairs.” OTR tires are not cheap, some costing over $100,000 and heavy equipment downtime can be costly. TECH’s OTR Repair Certification Program is structured so tires are back in service quickly and continue to deliver solid performance for their useful life. To learn more about TECH’s OTR Repair Certification visit techtirerepairs.com or contact Brian Laughlin at [email protected]. TECH is one of the brands in parent company TRC’s portfolio of brands. TECH helps fulfill TRC’s 4r vision of Repair, Reuse, Recycle & Repurpose. To learn more about TRC’s 4r vision visit TRC4r.com.