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TECH, the global tire & wheel authority knows the importance of tire safety and is committed to educating consumers about proper tire repair and care. To help with this important endeavor, TECH is participating in National Tire Safety Week!

National Tire Safety Week (May 20 – 27) is sponsored by the U.S. Tire Manufacturer’s Association and is an annual industry-led initiative that educates motorists about tire care, safety and maintenance, including the potential dangers of unsafe used tires.

Just as seatbelts are essential to road travel safety, tires are an equally critical safety component on your vehicle. Every year drivers in the U.S. put more than 2.9 trillion miles on their tires. In 2017 in the U.S. alone, there were a total of 11,000 tire-related crashes, which woefully led to 738 traffic fatalities.** With proper tire repair and maintenance, this number could have been greatly reduced.

Check back each day this week for important tips and facts related to proper tire care and repair from the knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated team at TECH.

*Source: Safecar.gov
**Source: NHTSA