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TECH Tire Repairs is the global tire and wheel authority technicians trust, and we always strive to provide as much education and support as possible. One fun way to do this is to quiz you on some interesting facts from the tire and wheel industry.

Test your knowledge with this series of TECH Tire Trivia:

Q: With the number of Electric Vehicles (EVs) increasing, how many U.S. ASE-certified EV technicians are there?

A: 1,574 (ASE.com)

Q. How many motor vehicles are recycled annually in the U.S. and Canada?

A: 4 million (Automotive Recyclers Association)

Q: How many medium & heavy tires were shipped for use in 2018?

A: 21 million (Modern Tire Dealer Magazine)

Q: How many licensed drivers are there in the U.S.?

A: 221.7 million (Auto Care Association)

Q: How many U.S. businesses are involved with the auto care industry?

A: 526,237 (Auto Care Association)


Were you surprised by any of these statistics? We found them all to be very interesting!

Stay tuned for more TECH Tire Trivia!