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As the global tire and wheel authority that technicians trust, TECH Tire Repairs always strives to provide as much education and support as possible.

One fun way to do this is to quiz you on some interesting facts from the Tire, Wheel & Repair industry.

So, here we go!

Q: In 1900, what was the percentage of American cars powered by electricity?
A: 38% (www.factslides.com)

Q. Surprisingly, the leading tire manufacturer by volume is actually Lego. How many tires do they produce annually?
A: 318 Million (www.integratire.com)

Q: In what year did Vogue Tyres of Chicago invent the whitewall tire?
A: 1914 (www.performanceplustire.com)

Q: What percentage of cars in the world were Fords in the year 1924?
A: 50% (www.louwmanmuseaum.com)

Q: Standing 80 feet tall and weighing 12 tons, which state is home to the world’s largest tire?
A: Allen Park, Michigan (www.integratire.com)

How did you do? Were you surprised by any of these answers? As always, we found them all to be very interesting!

Stay tuned for more TECH Trivia!