TECH Turns TPMS World Upside Down!

TECH, the global tire & wheel authority, announces the game changing release of our new 2.0 Hybrid Universal TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Sensor. TECH’s 2.0 Hybrid sensor is the only dual-banded, configurable and programmable sensor on the market today.

The benefits of TECH’s new sensor are wide reaching, as millions of vehicles around the world are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems. Since 2008 with the enactment of “The Tread Act,” which mandated all cars and light trucks sold in the United States be equipped with TPMS, both consumers and repair shops have struggled with maintaining these systems. Why was “The Tread Act” legislation enacted? Under-inflation is the number one cause for tire related failures and fatalities. Vehicles equipped with TPMS, alert the operator to an under-inflation condition and the damage done by driving miles on an underinflated tire.

Before the release of TECH’s 2.0 Hybrid sensor, there were hundreds of different versions of TPMS sensors on the market, and each automobile manufacturer used various styles of sensors. With such variables as the valves, frequencies on which they communicate, how they attach to the wheel, as well as the communication and programming protocol, significant confusion existed.

Thus, the need for repair shops to make significant inventory investments in TPMS programmers, sensors and tools. Additionally, their technicians needed to be educated and trained on this kaleidoscope of TPMS product.

Now all of that has changed with TECH 2.0 Hybrid Universal Sensor. TECH’s 2.0 is compatible with 97% of the TPMS equipped vehicles on the road today. TECH’s 2.0 works with most major programmers, is configurable and programmable for all the various communication protocols and frequencies. The 2.0 sensors feature interchangeable valves, are cloneable and come with a 3-year warranty and a 7-year battery

According to Jordan Diller, TECH’s Global Product Leader, “The TECH 2.0 TPMS sensor is the right product at the right time. With most first generation TPMS sensors reaching the end of their useful life, millions of vehicles will need their TPMS sensors replaced. We have eliminated the confusion and expense that has frustrated repair shops trying to meet consumer demand for TPMS repairs. Since Tech covers 97% of the market, repair shops can simplify with Tech.”

To learn more about TECH’s 2.0 Hybrid Universal TPMS Sensor click on this link to our informational video. You also can download the latest product sheet. Contact your TECH distributor to learn how you can convert your TPMS program to the new TECH 2.0 system. TECH’s 2.0 Hybrid Universal Sensor is yet another reason why TECH is the Global Tire & Wheel Authority!