If you are off road and experience a small puncture in your tire, we have the solution that will keep you moving.

TECH Permacure, designed with TECH’s gray cushion gum, permanently bonds to the tire and seals the injury. This easy-to-use product is ideal for all your off-road tire repairs such as lawn tires, ATV tires and tractor tires.

While it will keep you moving, TECH Permacure is not designed to be a permanent repair. It only works as a temporary repair if used without a repair unit on highway tires. If you use Permacure as part of a Two-Piece repair on highway tires, it must be backed by a TECH repair unit.

TECH Permacure’s works great with our TECH 760 Chemical Vulcanizing Fluid and 768 Flow Seal Vulcanizing Fluid.

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