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If you’ve ever felt a vibration in your tires when driving, you know something isn’t right. Vibration can occur in any type of tire including passenger cars, motorcycles and trucks and is a sign that your tires are out of balance.

Ensuring your tire is balanced is an important component in a proper tire repair and one part in the balancing process for many modern wheels, is to use adhesive wheel weights.

Adhesive wheel weights are placed on the inside of the wheel. After the tire balancer has identified the specific location for placement of Pre Prep 7the weight. To ensure proper adhesion, the next step is to thoroughly clean the surface of the wheel, which calls for a specialized product to remove road grime and grease.

Cleaning with TECH Pre-Prep 7 (TPWC) will leave the wheel clean of all foreign material without leaving any residues behind that might prevent the weights from sticking.

Pre-Prep 7 will not stain the finish on the front of the wheel like many other common cleaners. Simply pour a little Pre-Prep 7 onto a clean rag and wipe the wheel clean to remove brake dust and other foreign materials.

Once the weight is in place, re-spin the assembly to ensure the proper balance was achieved.

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