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When TRC’s “Team Kathy” sponsors the Arthritis Foundation’s annual 5k Jingle Bell Run (JBR), they are ALL in! TRC and all of our portfolio of companies and locations worldwide participated again this year.

“How energizing it is to see these runners from all over the world supporting our local JBR in Columbus, it is truly thrilling,” says Liz Martin, Development Director for the Central Ohio Arthritis Foundation.

Team Kathy pays homage to TRC CEO Dan Layne’s mother Kathy, who has been battling Rheumatoid Arthritis for over four decades. Kathy shared, “The Arthritis foundation has directly enhanced my quality of life. The treatment options have significantly improved over my lifetime and many have benefitted from the Arthritis Foundation’s work.”

TRC fielded over 219 associates worldwide and raised almost $19,000 making Team Kathy one of the largest fundraisers for the 2019 Jingle Bell Run. The Arthritis Foundation benefits from 100% of the money raised and uses donations in 3 ways:
1. Funding for research
2. Supporting policy change
3. Helping families impacted by arthritis

Nearly 50 million people are impacted by arthritis in the U.S. alone, with many different manifestations. Click here to see types of arthritis.

“TRC companies are driven by our values of Honor, Intelligence, Leadership, Teamwork and Innovation. We believe this type of global effort is us living out those values in all the communities in which we operate,” states Layne.

In addition, all TRC companies participate in local human and social service charitable activities as good corporate citizens. “The camaraderie this and other events engenders from associates and Business Unit Managers all over the world is powerful,” states TECH Americas General Manager Chris Intihar. “It really helps make stronger intra-company relationships and reinforces collaboration across all TRC companies, it is amazing!”

To learn more about the Arthritis Foundation, click here.

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