When working on a repair unit installed in a heat cure system, you need a product that is fast drying and reliable.

TECH’s TemVulc Black Cement is a water-based, temperature-activated vulcanizing and retread cement used with TECH Uncured and Cloth-backed repairs, TECH Vul-gum, cushion gum or rope rubber.

TemVulc can be used in all heat cure applications and is designed to work specifically with TECH’s Thermacure, Heat Cure and Uncured repairs.

When applied with heat and pressure, TemVulc creates superior repair adhesion. This unique product features a brush-type applicator designed for a formula that offers excellent tack. TemVulc works great in all retread and section repair applications, and the best news is it only takes 10-12 minutes to dry.

Warning: Do not use TemVulc in a cold application or during cold weather conditions.

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