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Why Become a TECH Distributor

Technical Rubber Company (TRC) was founded in 1939 by Charles Cornell and for over 75 years, TRC has been innovating to deliver industry-leading rubber products that move the economy. TRC is made up of a family of brands that each specialize in creating products and systems that are trusted globally by businesses, consumers, and government clients.

While a TECH Distributorship is hard work, the sense of accomplishment and pride you’ll derive from it is worth the investment. Here are a few important reasons you should get started today:


  1. Do work that you enjoy
    Richard Branson reminds us that “some 80% of your life is spent working. You want to have fun at home; why shouldn’t you have fun at work?” If you don’t enjoy your job, your negativity will spill into your personal life, making you feel tired and unmotivated. Life is way too short to waste time doing things you don’t enjoy. Be an entrepreneur and get paid to do something that you actually like to do.
  2. Choose how much money you earn
    Working for someone else limits your earning potential, and sadly, most companies expect you to work harder than ever with no extra compensation. Why tolerate that type of situation when you can work equally hard but reap financial rewards directly for your efforts?
  3. You don’t have to answer to a supervisor
    Chances are, at some point in your professional life, you had a boss who undermined your every decision. This situation is toxic and usually results in you losing self-confidence, self-respect and, most importantly, motivation. When you work for yourself, you call the shots. You’ll be more creative, determined and motivated as a result.
  4. You will become more resilient
    Working for yourself requires a lot of determination to push through the barriers and setbacks. However, over time you will learn and grow from those setbacks; you will learn what works and what doesn’t. You will become wiser and more resilient in both your business and personal life. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that their journey provided many valuable life lessons.
  5. You can live a more meaningful life
    Ultimately, work-life happiness comes from doing meaningful things. We all want to work for a worthy purpose or cause and know that our work is actually making a difference. Working for yourself will allow you to define what’s meaningful to you.
  6. You will develop business sense
    Most day jobs have set tasks, and often, it’s a matter of repeatedly doing the same thing. Not only is this boring, but it also fails to teach you anything new. Becoming a TECH Distributor requires you to wear many hats — marketing, sales, purchasing, customer service, accounting, etc. Over time you will learn new things and develop a keen business sense, which will result in you becoming a more confident and successful Distributor.
  7. You will leave a legacy behind
    Working for yourself is not only an adventure. It will provide you with great satisfaction due to the many relationships you will build with customers, other Distributors, and your friends at TECH!

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