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A Day in the Life…

TECH Distributors provide customers within their assigned territory the world’s leading tire repair and wheel service products on a consistent basis.

Become a Distributor Today!

Download the application below. Then follow the directions to complete and submit the information.

Each TECH distributor becomes a certified instructor and provides their customers with the most up to date materials and hands on training/tire repair certification programs.

Relationship Selling
Your customers know they can count on you to maintain a consistent schedule while providing the right range of TECH products. TECH and other related products are essential in keeping their shop operating and their customers happy

Inventory Management
Providing the right amount of product to each customer based on their consumption between scheduled visits.

Product Knowledge
Provide information to your customers on the latest industry trends and products making tire repair tasks easy and safe.

TECH Was Built on Five Core Values
Honor, Innovation, Leadership, Intelligence, and Teamwork.

Position yourself to be at your first customer when the doors open. Introduce new and current products, promotions, and solutions to customers throughout the day generating sales. Invoice and collect payments at each stop while building relationships with technicians and shop owners. Customers must be put at ease and be confident that they can rely on you … rinse and repeat.

On average, TECH distributors visit 15 to 18 shops each day building a customer base of 300 – 360 shops within a territory.