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Since 1939, TECH™ has distributed the highest-quality tire repairs and wheel service products


2PC6 Repair Kit

TECH is happy to announce the 2PC6 – ¼”(6MM) Repair Kit

2PC6 includes:

  • 20 Pieces – #250-1UL Uni-Seal Ultra Stems
  • 20 Pieces – #115 AP4.5 All Purpose Repairs

The new kit comes packaged together and is great for any new shop or low volume customer. The new 2PC6 is in stock and ready to ship to you today.


TECH Pre Prep 7

A proper wheel balance using an adhesive weight begins with proper surface preparation. Pre Prep 7 is specially formulated for use with adhesive weight applications.

  • Pre Prep 7 removes dirt, grime, brake dust and tape weight adhesive.
  • EPre Prep 7 is SAFE to use with all types of wheel finishes
  • Provides an excellent surface to apply adhesive weights
  • Works in both warm and cold conditions
  • Leaves no surface residue
  • No brushing or scraping required



TECH 56 TPMS Service Tool

Easy to use & Comprehensive TPMS Service Tool

  • The fastest TPMS tool; designed to continuously adapt to a technician’s needs
  • The only TPMS tool with a VIN barcode scanner for fast vehicle selection (North America only)
  • Integrated help with tool training, TPMS reset procedures, sensor part numbers, OBD2 locations



TECH Tire Equipment

Trust TECH with your tire changing needs. TECH offers a complete line of tire changing equipment to meet your demanding needs

  • Wheel Balancers: for motorcycles, cars, trucks and buses complete with the most diverse and complete range of high precision centering wheel adaptors
  • Wheel Alignment: for cars and trucks, based on the latest technology, original and patented innovations
  • Tire Changers: semiautomatic, automatic or leverless are characterized by a robust and compact structure, in that way we can guarantee extreme durability

TECH Bottle Jacks

TECH is proud to offer a complete line of lifting solutions, including a family of Bottle Jacks.

  • Manual and Air
  • Includes compact version




TECH™ Tire Repairs products are trusted in many industries and tire applications from passenger tires to agriculture and ATVs.

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Chemical, Wheel and Tire Product Solutions

TECH™ provides all of the products needed to complete a proper tire repair that is certified by global tire manufacturers.


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