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Repair and Training Materials

The Experts at TECH are here with tips, tutorials and answers to some of the commonly asked questions. TECH provides training and support for our customers. Can’t find your answer here? Contact Us

TECH Training and Repair Manuals

Repair Manual 828-W
(Puncture Repair Training Guide)

Repair Manual RM-1
(Tube & Valve Repair Method)

Repair Manual RM-4
(Uni-Seal Ultra Repair Methods)

Repair Manual RM-5
(Two-Piece Puncture Repair Method)

Repair Manual RM-8
(Radial Truck Tire Repair Method)

Repair Manual RM-9
(Cementless Repair Manual)

Proper Repair of Sound Suppression Tires

Proper Repair of Self Sealing Passenger Tires

English Repair Charts

BP Bias Repair Chart

Centech & Thermacure Radial Repair Chart

Centech Xtreme Radial OTR Repair Chart

TECH Off Road Repair Chart

2-Piece Puncture Repair Method Chart

Uni-Seal Ultra Puncture Repair Chart

Cartas de Reparación en Español
(Spanish Repair Charts)

Tabla de Reparación Diagonal BP

Tabla de Reparaciones TECH para OTR, Químicos Centech, Reforzados con Lona y reparaciones Thermacure

Tablas de Reparación Tech Off Road – TOR y para Neumáticos Diagonales de Equipo para Arrastre de Troncos (Skidder)

Instrucciones de TECH para Uni Seal Ultra Reparación de Perforación

Tabla de Reparación para Parches Radiales Mueve-Tierra Reforzados con Aramid AX

Repair Blog