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Breadth of Products and Industries We Serve

Technical Rubber Company (TRC) is driven by our commitment to support the entire lifecycle of rubber. Our 4r strategic vision is to create and extract value from materials that were formerly considered to be at the end of their useful life. We serve the end-to-end needs of our customers, who implement earth-friendly, sustainable solutions using our products.

  • Repair: When rubber needs to be reliably repaired, technicians rely on repair products, bonding agents, and tools from TECH™ Tire Repair, TECH Outdoors™, Truflex/PANG™, and Pang™ Industrial.
  • Reuse: TRC has ownership interests in companies such as Polywood, which converts recycled milk jugs into upscale outdoor furniture.
  • Recycle: Rubber recycling reduces our industries’ impact on the environment. Also, TRC customers rely on recycling systems and molded products from Salvadori.
  • Repurpose: Adapting or altering rubber to find new uses that create value for our customers.

TRC has a wide range of products that serve many industries around the world. Within the Transportation industry, TRC provides repairs and such products to the following sectors:

  • Passenger/Light Truck
  • Consumer DIY
  • Heavy Commercial Truck
  • Agricultural/Farm Tire
  • Retread
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Off The Road
  • Rail

TRC has the Pang Industrial line of products for the repair and maintenance of all size conveyor belts, used in mining, airports, food processing and more. Pang Industrial products are also used for wear protection. This wear protection is when industrial processes put wear on machines and parts, and rubber is used as a consumable that can extend the life of more expensive components.

Recycling is part of TRC’s commitment to supporting the entire lifecycle of rubber. Most people recognize recycled rubber from their community playground. Depending on its form, rubber requires a multi-step process for recycling and reuse. Rubber recyclers utilize downsizing machines made by TRC’s Recycling Equipment company, Salvadori™, to take large tires and cut them down into small pieces that can be shredded and used for a variety of applications, such as landscaping, playgrounds, and athletic fields.

Recycled rubber can be used to create many other products. Salvadori offers systems for manufacturing molded products. Salvadori’s molding equipment produces rubber tiles, green roof tiles, sound insulation sheets, and other custom applications that are requested by customers.

TRC has a legacy of working with companies to produce custom products. Our engineering team at TRC works directly with clients to create custom solutions. TRC also offers private label products that are used by some of the most recognized brands globally in the tire and rubber industries.

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