This is our final post and fun quiz for Tire Safety Week. We hope you have found our postings informative and helpful.

Here are some True or False questions to help you test your knowledge on proper tire safety and repair:

True or False: It is advisable to repair your tire with a plug?

False. For a proper repair, the tire must come completely off the wheel and have a patch placed on the inside with an uncured stem through the tread.

True or False: When you buy a new set of tires and your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), you do not need to replace your valve stems?

False. Cars with TPMS should have their TPMS valve stems serviced or replaced with every set of new tires.

True or False: If you have a vehicle with noise reduction tires, which are found on many new Electronic Vehicles (EVs), you can repair them even with the sound dampening material found inside?

True. TECH has created a repair standard for these new noise reducing tires. To learn more click here.