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Getting a flat while you’re out on the trail is a major bummer. That’s why we designed TECH Outdoor’s PermaCure Self-Vulcanizing Tire Repair System to get you back up and rolling in minutes.

Unlike other tire repairs you’ll find on the market, TECH’s PermaCure system vulcanizes to the rubber creating a permanent repair that lasts the life of the tire. Chemically bonding the repair to the tire also:

  • Creates a stronger repair that won’t pull or work its way out.
  • Provides a safer repair that seals out air, moisture and contaminants.
  • Eliminates the risk of the repair unit drying out, shrinking and causing a slow leak.

The process is very simple. Once you’ve located the injury, ream it out with our easy-grip spiral reaming tool. This helps ensure that you’ve got a clean surface for the repair to bond to. Next, apply TECH’s Vulcanizing Fluid to hole using the spiral reaming tool and leave the tool in place. Next, place the PermaCure repair unit into the easy-grip insert tool and apply a coat of Vulcanizing Fluid. When you’re ready to install the repair, remove the spiral mounting tool and without twisting, push the repair into the tire until it bottoms out and remove the installation tool by pulling straight out. Clip off any excess repair leaving about ¼” above the tire surface. That’s it. You’re ready to roll. [see video below]

 Your TECH Outdoor PermaCure Tire Repair System includes:

  • Easy-Grip Spiral Reaming Tool
  • Easy-Grip Repair Insert Tool
  • Eight PermaCure Vulcanizing Repair Units
  • 10mL Tube or Vulcanizing Fluid
  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Carrying Case

Keep one of these systems in all of your ATVs, UTVs, golf carts or off-road vehicles and you’ll have the peace of mind that you can get rolling in no time.

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