One step in the proper tire repair process is to buff the inner liner of the tire. However, when doing this, there is a chance of over-buffing, which will remove a portion of the inner liner. If this happens, you risk air being able to migrate through the tire easier.

To protect your liner from the effects of over-buffing, we developed TECH Security Coat.

Security Coat is an over-buff inner liner sealant that restores the air retention qualities of the tire’s inner liner when applied to the buffed area during the repair process.

TECH Security Coat is a non-flammable, water-based formula and when spread over top of a newly applied repair unit, helps to reseal the buffed areas on the inner liner that are not covered by the repair unit.

TECH Security Coat is safe to use in any tire repair application.

Nothing ensures a proper tire repair like TECH’s Security Coat!

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