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TECH Tire Repairs is the global tire and wheel authority technicians trust, and we strive to provide as much education and support as possible. That’s why we thought it would be fun to quiz you on some interesting facts from the tire and wheel industry.

Test your knowledge with this series of TECH Tire Trivia:

Q:   Did you know that in 2018 Thailand was the top tire importer to the United States? How many tires did they ship?

A:    34 million (Modern Tire Dealer 2019 Facts Issue)

Q:   What percentage of 2017 model year cars came without a spare tire?

A:    28% (American Automobile Association)

Q:   How many different parts are found in the average car?

A:    30,000 (Holt Lloyd International)

Q:   When your check engine light comes on the lowest average cost by manufacturer for repair was $306. What automotive brand had that lowest average check engine light repair cost?

A:    Hyundai (CarMD)

Q:   How many gallons of gas does the average commuter waste sitting in traffic every year?

A:    19 gallons (Auto Insurance Center)

How did you do? Did some of these statistics surprise you? We found them to be quite interesting ourselves.

Stay tuned for more TECH Tire Trivia!