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TECH’s Legacy has Deep Roots In Johnstown

If you are familiar with Johnstown, Ohio you know it is home to TECH the global tire and wheel authority. Johnstown is also known for their annual Firemen’s Festival!

This year, the community of Johnstown enjoyed the 43rd year of the Johnstown Firemen’s Festival. This Festival was organized to raise funds to restore and upkeep the antique fire equipment and to help purchase new fire equipment.

This year also marked the 43rd year Bill Johnson, TECH’s VP of Product Technology, has been involved with the event. Bill was in high school the first year he volunteered at the Firemen’s Festival. That first year, he assisted the firemen with setting up the festival and was assigned to trash detail. Over time, Bill’s involvement and his responsibilities have increased significantly.

Bill’s career with TECH began about the same time and his first role was that of as a steam press operator. For several years, Bill worked in the Training Department starting as a Trainer and eventually holding the title of Director of Global Training. Bill has traveled to over 20 countries outside of North America providing training on proper installation of tire repairs and wheel solutions. Currently he holds the title of VP of Product Technology and leads our quality and lab areas for product development and testing.

Bill has devised and implemented TECH’s product testing protocols which exceeds the Federal FVMSS-119 testing protocol. He also has conducted testing on thousands of products during years at TECH and is acknowledged as a respected subject matter throughout the industry. After 43 years in the business, Bill is a walking “Tire Repair” encyclopedia!

Bill’s career at Tech has taken him to many exciting places around the world. When asked where have you traveled which reminded you the most of Johnstown, Ohio, his response was small towns in Germany and Turnout Belgium. These areas remind him of how Johnstown was when he was a kid. “You have the butcher shop, bakery, candy shop, dime store, movie theater and bowling alley,” says Johnson.

You can take Bill Johnson away from Johnstown, but you can’t take Johnstown out of Bill Johnson. Thank you, Bill, for all you do!

Vintage 1942 Seagraves Firetruck being driven by TECH VP of Product Technology Bill Johnson.