A key to a proper tire repair goes beyond having high-quality TECH tire repair products. Equally important is the knowledge and skill to perform a proper tire repair. TECH has continually demonstrated this during the past 40 years of TECH tire training.

And, when properly trained on TECH tire repair products, you quickly learn that tool speed is critical to ensuring a properly repaired tire. Last week we focused on the low-speed buffer, and how speeds above 5,000 RPMs will scorch the rubber, resulting in unnecessary steps in the tire repair process.

This week we’re focusing on another speed tool, the TECH High-Speed Grinder. High-speed grinders have a minimum speed of 20,000 RPMs per Tire Industry Standards. Yet, even at minimum speed, a high-speed grinder is too aggressive to buff the inner liner of a tire or to texturize rubber. Like with low-speed buffers, excessive speed will scorch the rubber and prevent proper vulcanization of the repair unit to the tire.

Senior TECH Trainer Billy Johnson explains, “Speed is a critical piece to a proper tire repair because when you have too much speed, you will get scorching, which will prevent the repair from adhering to the tire.”

The TECH High-Speed Grinder is designed for the demanding commercial repair shop environment, and it’s imperative that you receive proper training to understand when and how to use this tool. When used properly, these tools are excellent for removing damaged steel cables when performing section repairs on commercial truck or OTR tires.

The TECH High-Speed Grinder is commonly used with the TECH Tire Buffer Rear Exhaust Kit.

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