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When repairing tubeless or tube-type tires, there’s not much room for error when it comes to getting the repair to adhere, and not get absorbed by the fabric cords.

TECH’s Heavy Duty Blue Vulcanizing Fluid is the best choice for these types of tire repairs because it can be used in any hot or cold application. And, when applied correctly, the extra thick formula will not get absorbed by fabric cords, which allows for excellent adhesion with a single coat.

For proper application, you need to allow the Heavy Duty Blue Vulcanizing Fluid to fully dry, which typically takes 5-7 minutes. You may need to allow additional dry time under cold or humid conditions, to ensure a proper bond to the tire.

When performing chemical repairs on Agricultural and OTR tires, TECH’s Heavy Duty Blue Vulcanizing Fluid works well with single coat or double-coat coverage, resulting in a stronger bond to the tire. The fluid works especially well with the application of TECH hard gum repairs.

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